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Team? Dean!

We love Dean like Dean loves pie.

team dean
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welcome to team dean, your somewhat daily dose of dean winchester!

it's fairly simple, i'll be posting pictures of dean winchester on a somewhat daily basis. why? because i can and because dean's the better looking winchester brother. hurrah! from time to time jensen ackles may pop up and there may be guest appearances from sam or john winchester. thanks for joining!

there will be all sorts of dean pictures. screen caps, promo images and such like. all will be high resolution but will always be behind a cut. some may contain spoilers for supernatual episodes but if an image contains spoliers, it'll be marked accordingly. PLEASE DON'T HOTLINK IMAGES. right-click-save. thanks.

team dean is moderated by hoosier and killmotion. not looking for anymore at the moment. all you need to do is join and/or watch! any questions, comments or suggestions can be left as a comment.

resources and what not

bluebear_74 for screencaps
supernatural media
supernatural central
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